View from Terrace
Front of house overlooking the mill race
House overlooking the river
The Hidden mill

Balcony oustide sitting room
Heron on L'Ouysse
L'Ouysse River

The Mill

Situated on the banks of the Ouysse, known to the locals as the Emerald river for its sparkling clarity, Latreille makes all of its electricty from the power of the water. The Stonor family invite their guests to enjoy complete relaxation, off the grid, in this rural idyll. 

Unwind in totally unspoilt countryside where kingfishers, nightingales, wild orchids, damsel flies, butterflies and herons abound. Experience a pace of life where quietude, simplicity and comfort are paramount. The family have restored the interior of the mill with a spirit of simplicity and comfort to create a meditative space sensitive to its historic past.

At Latreille time is passed in simple ways.  Choose to relax in a hammock with a book, swim, kayak or fish on the river.  Walk the meadows or cliffs and find a hidden corner in which to picnic, paint or just watch nature go by.